Meet me

My name is Fran­cis­co Javier, I was born on Decem­ber 3th 1986 in Valen­cia (Spain). Since I was born and until 2008 sum­mer I lived in Mis­la­ta (a vil­lage next to the city), now I moved to anoth­er vil­lage, but I still live in the same province. Until I turned 16 years old I stud­ied at Sagra­do Corazón’s school. By leav­ing the stud­ies I worked in var­i­ous jobs as an appren­tice. I could high­light a plumb­ing and a musi­cal instru­ments fac­to­ry. Then I back to school to make all pos­si­ble cours­es that I was com­put­er sci­ence relat­ed. I also signed up to the dri­ving school and I got A and B Class driver’s license (motor­cy­cles and cars). I cur­rent­ly work (as I can, thanks to the cri­sis for this) and try to make a liv­ing as web devel­op­er spe­cial­ized in Word­Press CMS and draw­ing some extra mon­ey by teach­ing. Inci­den­tal­ly, if you are inter­est­ed feel free to con­tact me.