I start­ed in this online world about 2000. At first I think like every­one: find a lit­tle about all, find infor­ma­tion, get into chats to meet peo­ple, know­ing MSN Mes­sen­ger and so on. I began to get involved in Inter­net, ful­ly back in 2003, along with some friends we start­ed to start some net­work projects, which for one rea­son or anoth­er, nev­er came to fruition. It was late Novem­ber of 2004 when I decid­ed to have my own web­site and pres­ence in this large net­work of net­works. So with­out too much knowl­edge about the world of web pages and with all of this I did my first weblog. It stay alive until May 2007 host­ed on Geanos­trum servers, a small project I did togeth­er with oth­er part­ners (now man­aged by anoth­er per­son). Cur­rent­ly, this weblog is not in use for var­i­ous per­son­al rea­sons that are not need­ed right there. Although an “expan­sion” of the weblog you can find in a sub­di­rec­to­ry with­in this page. Besides, I also had a Fotolog, now aban­doned, where every day I was upload­ing a dif­fer­ent pic­ture as pic­ture hunter. I do not know if in near future I’ll reopen it but, for now will remain out­dat­ed, what I do now is keep an account in the great known gallery called Flickr.